Flamingo birds can be admired in the Danube Delta

Dozens of flamingo birds could be seen the other day on the Sfântu Gheorghe arm of the Danube, announced the Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (ARBDD), which also published a video recording of the exotic birds on its Facebook page.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, the International Day of Biodiversity, and the environmental authority urges the public in the post to protect the environment.

“With their plumage in different shades of pink and the graceful way in which they move through the shallow waters in search of food, as true ambassadors of biodiversity, they come and add more beauty to the natural delta habitats. (…) We hope to see them again always more often and if they feel safe enough, maybe in the future they will also nest in the area”, says ARBDD.

Flamingo birds could be observed in the Delta, in 2020 as well, with ARBDD signaling the largest group of this species observed in Romania in the last century.

Specimens of flamingos were seen in the Sacalin melea, the nesting species in the Mediterranean basin with the nearest colonies in Greece, Turkey or Montenegro.

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