Former chief of Romanian Police, incumbent Electoral Authority leader stripped of their PhD titles

The National Council of Certification of Titles, Diplomas ad University Certificates (CNATDCU) has withdrawn the PhD title to the president of the Permanent Electoral Authority, Constantin Mituleţu-Buică, and to former chief of the Romanian Police’s General Anti-corruption Directorate, Cătălin Ioniţă.

The Council established that their PhD theses had been plagiarized.

Both resolutions have been taken by the CNATDCU on February 23 and have been made public on Monday, according to investigative journalist Emilia Sercan, who have been publishing an important number of reports about plagiarism at high level for several years.

In Cătălin Ioniță’s case, the decision to withdraw his PhD title comes two years after PressOne had revealed that his PhD thesis had been plagiarized, while in Constantin-Florin Mitulețu-Buică’s case the decision comes after only four months.

Ioniță completed his doctoral dissertation at the Police Academy in 2021, while Mitulețu-Buică, in 2017, at “Carol I” National Defence University.

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