Four people, including an ex-director of the Bucharest Airports Company, detained in the business premises rental case at Otopeni Airport

Four people – including George Ivan, former director of Compania Nationale Aeroporturi Bucharest (CNAB) – were detained, and another former director of CNAB was placed under judicial control by the DNA, in the investigation regarding the lease contracts of commercial premises at the “Henri Coanda” Airport, formerly known as Otopeni Airport.

In this case, George Ivan, former director general of CNAB, and three natural persons (businessmen) were detained. Another former director of the Bucharest Airports Company, Bogdan Șerban Litoi, was placed under judicial control.

The crimes for which they are being investigated by the DNA are influence peddling, taking and giving bribes, money laundering and complicity in these crimes, and the facts would have happened from the end of 2021 until now.

In this case, DNA prosecutors carried out 11 searches on Tuesday at the residences of individuals and the offices of commercial companies. The investigation concerns the subcontracts concluded by CNAB for the rental of some spaces in the “Henri Coandă” Airport, the cited sources also said.

Anti-corruption prosecutors said that between January 11 and November 8, 2022, the natural person, without special capacity, directly or as the case may be, through Ivan George-Alexandru, allegedly claimed four times from a businessman (the defendant associated in a commercial company, investigated in the present case) and from the general manager of another commercial company, several sums of money (10,000,000 euros, 10,000,000 euros, 1,200,000 euros and 1,200,000 euros).

In exchange for the said money, the defendant would have let it be believed that he has influence over the Minister of Transport and the Director General of the National National Bureau of Investigation, that he will cause them to perform acts that are part of their official duties in connection with the extension for various periods of time ( one year or five years) of some contracts for the exploitation of commercial spaces inside Otopeni airport, concluded between CNAB and the company of the defendant that exploits commercial spaces in the retail segment, respectively between CNAB and the company where the general manager works.

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