Fugitive Paul of Romania, files new bail application in Malta

Paul de Romania, arrested on Sunday in Malta, based on a European arrest warrant, made a new request for release on bail, and this request will be judged on Friday. Meanwhile, the Romanian court sent the translated European arrest warrant to the authorities in Malta.

On Monday, a court in Malta decided to remand the self-styled Prince Paul until May 9. The court then rejected his bail application. According to some judicial sources, Paul Phillipe of Romania made a new request for release on bail, which will not be judged by the same judge, but by another one.

In the meantime, the Romanian court sent the Maltese authorities the translated European arrest warrant as well as other relevant documents.
The Romanian authorities have been trying for over three years to bring to the country Paul Philippe of Romania, definitively sentenced, in December 2020, to three years and four months in prison in the case of the illegal retrocession of the Royal Farm from Băneasa. On Sunday, he was picked up from a luxury resort in Malta where he was on holiday.
“There was an exchange of information with the Malta Police. Following the information provided by the Romanian police, the person you mentioned was located in a resort. Later, he was detained and will be referred to the court in Malta. The Romanian Police located him and transmitted information in real time to his colleagues in Malta”, said the head of the Romanian Police, in a press conference.
According to him, at the time he was picked up by the Malta Police, Paul Phillipe from Romania, aged 75, was with his wife and did not resist.
The representatives of the Ministry of Justice sent, regarding the European arrest warrant in the name of Paul-Philippe de Romania, that the court in France definitively rejected his surrender to the Romanian authorities. The French authorities invoked the illegal composition of the court panel in Romania, more precisely, the fact that one of the judges would not have taken the oath upon being sworn into office. Although the case prosecutor from the French Public Prosecutor’s Office declared an appeal, he did not justify the appeal within the time limit and, therefore, was denied the time limit, and the decision of the first court remained final, explained the Ministry of Justice.
The Minister of Justice, Alina Gorghiu, said last week that she has no answer from her French counterpart regarding the situation of the extradition of Prince Paul from Romania, whose extradition was definitively rejected by the French judiciary due to a procedural flaw. Last November, the Paris Court of Appeal rejected the request of the Bucharest authorities to bring to Romania Paul Philippe of Romania (75 years old), who claimed that the extradition request was made “for political purposes”.
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