Google online educational platform to train 30,000 Romanian students by year-end

Romanian youth seeking to develop their digital marketing skills will be able to do that as of Tuesday through the Digital Workshop online educational platform developed by Google, which estimates that the new initiative can accommodate about 30,000 students by the end of the year.

The European initiative launched last year in Brussels is based on official data of the European Commission, which says that in the near future 90 percent of jobs will require digital knowledge. At the same time, the EC forecasts that 825,000 jobs will remain unfilled due to this gap by 2020.

In order to raise the level of digital knowledge in Romania, Google has created the Digital Workshop online platform, where anyone interested can take free courses.

The Internet is essential nowadays, for it provides entrepreneurs and businessmen with opportunities and development means. Through the Digital Workshop program rolled out today we want to offer a helping tool for the future workforce and support entrepreneurs to acquire digital knowledge that is so important to economy. We hope this will support Romania in exploiting the opportunities offered by the digital economy. There are actually two Romanias: a high-tech Romania of the large cities and another one which, unfortunately, lacks all digital knowledge; people here consider they don’t know anything about the online environment and its capabilities to develop a business. Unfortunately, we are among the countries with almost nonexistent digital skills. It’s a reality we start from. In fact, just 8 percent of the Romanians consider they know how to develop competitive businesses using digital marketing,” Google Romania country manager Dan Bulucea said at the launch conference.

He estimates that, about 30,000 Romanian students will benefit of the Digital Workshop by the end of the year.

The Digital Workshop provides training for acquiring digital abilities in the form of free video courses in a comprehensive range of fields: from how to build one’s online presence to marketing campaigns in social media or using mobile environment to attract new customers.

The users can choose a certain topic they want to train in or take the entire online course package. In the end they may choose to take a test and if they pass it, they receive a Google and IAB Europe certificate. The entire course includes 89 lessons divided into 23 topics.

In 2015 Google vowed to provide free digital training for 1 million people in Europe. While pledging to double it and to train 2 million Europeans by 2017.

Google will invest EUR 42 million this year to increase the level of digital knowledge among companies and individuals in Europe, by training even higher numbers of entrepreneurs and students. The Digital Workshop launched on Tuesday in Romania is part of this initiative.

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