Government Launches #NoFake Platform for Reporting Social Media Deepfakes

The Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitization, Bogdan Ivan, announced the launch of the #NoFake platform on Friday. This platform allows users to report inappropriate content on social networks, including digital fakes, derogatory content, disinformation, and manipulations.“The #nofake platform will function as a point of contact for the analysis requests that Romanians make regarding digital fakes, derogatory content, disinformation and online manipulations. I thank our partners from the private sector – Google, Meta and TikTok – for their efforts so far. They managed to implement very efficient systems, through which a substantial part of the deepfake content is blocked even before publication. This new reporting mechanism will work complementary to the efforts so far and with the possibility that each social network already offers, through its own reporting tools. The #nofake platform will ensure the rapid reporting and analysis of those few materials that could pass the filters implemented up to this point by each individual social network”, said Bogdan Ivan.

The #NoFake platform will function as a temporary reporting channel in 2024, aiming to ensure the integrity of democratic elections at local, national, presidential, and European levels.
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