Gov’t approves Romania’s participation in NATO Centre of Excellence for Stability Operations

The Government endorsed by Ordinance, on Wednesday, the participation of the Interior Ministry (MAI), through the Romanian Gendarmerie, to the NATO Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Stability Operations, the Romanian Executive informed.
Through this participation, says the source, several advantages are created to our country in connection with the possibility to benefit from the expertise it has accumulated at NATO level in this field, from the civil crises’ management in post-conflict situations and from obtaining, for the MAI personnel, of some visible positions in the future NATO operations.
At the same time, there is the possibility within the Centre of Excellence to train each year, free of charge, a number of stability operations specialists belonging to all the forces that could contribute to forging the integrated structures of the stability police.
Within this project, the MAI could contribute through the Gendarmerie to the approaches of adding Romanian presence in the international and/or regional structures of international security.
The Government informs that the nation-sponsor position of the Centre of Excellence brings Romania through the MAI a place within the Board of Directors, which coordinates the Centre’s activity, setting priorities and directions of action.

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