Gov’t to amend law on preparing the population for defense

The Government in Bucharest will propose a draft law amending the defense law and the law on preparing the population for defense, sources told Digi24. The draft was previously discussed in the Country’s Supreme Defense Council, and Prime Minister Ciuca wants to send it to Parliament as soon as possible.

The leaders of PSD, PNL and UDMR ruling coalition requested time for analysis for a few days, but the draft could be discussed in the Coalition along with the Offshore law as Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă wants it adopted as a matter of urgency.

According to the quoted sources, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca would have asked the Coalition leaders to agree on the project by Friday, with the coalition leaders, Florin Cîțu and Marcel Ciolacu requesting time to review it until Monday.

The Ministry of Defense has already prepared the draft, but it could be amended. It provides for institutional adaptation for crisis management with an impact on national security and defense, but there are also articles referring to carrying out military duties during a state of emergency, siege, mobilization or state of war.

The defense law is amended, with the crisis situation with an impact on national security and defense being introduced. This can be requested by the Minister of Defense, approved by the Prime Minister and decreed by the CSAT.

A legislative amendment to the draft bill proposed by the Ministry of National Defense, which reached the media on Monday, also refers to the incorporation of civilians during a state of emergency, siege, mobilization or state of war. The provisions prompted heated debates in society, given the security context on Romania’s border and the population’s concern about the possibility of extending the war in Ukraine. The lack of communication from policy makers has only left room for speculation and increased public concern.

The draft draft consulted by says that the normative act is in fact an older attempt of the Ministry of National Defense to adapt the legislation that stipulates how the population is prepared in case of emergencies, mobilization, siege or war. The normative act has also been made transparent in previous years, including during the COVID-19 crisis. The law, which refers to preparing the population for defense, has not been improved since 2006.

Thus, the Ministry of National Defense proposes that men between the ages of 35 and 63 be included in a category called “citizens with obligations in exerting military duties”, along with citizens performing active military service, in reserve, recruits and incorporable citizens (those aged between 20 and 35).

The draft also provides that “in the event that, during a state of mobilization or a state of war, the human resources of the national defense forces cannot be provided with citizens that can be incorporated, citizens may be called upon to perform active military service and exert military duties.”

The bill is being discussed in the Coalition and the Government and could be changed, political sources revealed. In fact, in the crisis situation, regulated by the project discussed in the Government, the mobilization of civilians is not taken into account.

DefMin comes up with explanations

The Minister of National Defense, Vasile Dîncu, stated today, that the draft law released in mass media regarding the crisis situation and the preparation of a general reserve in case of war, which should include Romanian men between 18 and 60 years old, is not topical, and that the ministry he leads will announce the public opinion about any draft law on this matter.

The bill that reached the media was a collection of provisions from several laws, without statement of reasons, without details. It is not current. It was a draft, it was not ready to go into transparency. When we have a project, we announce the public opinion “, stated Vasile Dîncu.


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