Greenpeace slams the Romania-US nuclear project, calling it “experimental”

Greenpeace disapproves of the Romania-US nuclear project, calling it “experimental” and arguing that Romania “would become a guinea pig for insufficiently tested nuclear technologies,” according to a statement from the organization.

“President Klaus Iohannis continues, step by step, to compromise Romania’s presence at the COP26 climate event in Glasgow. Yesterday (e.t. Tuesday) he expressed his support for new nuclear capabilities in Romania until 2028, after only a few hours earlier it was promoter of green technologies We refer to the “new” American nuclear technologies SMR (Small Modular Reactors), not yet authorized in Europe .No nuclear reactor of this type has been built, neither in the USA, nor in any other country in the world. Therefore, Romania would become a guinea pig for insufficiently tested nuclear technologies “, the Greenpeace representatives stated.

According to them, “nuclear energy poses unacceptable risks to the environment and humanity, as we already know from Chernobyl, Fukushima and other nuclear accidents that have destroyed lives.”

They further argued that, beyond the problem of imminent disasters and radioactive waste, nuclear energy is far too expensive and difficult to develop.

Nuclear energy is definitely not a solution to the climate crisis. Renewable energy-based technologies are mature, competitively priced and need to be prioritized on the agenda of politicians,” Greenpeace said. President Iohannis should also know that Romanians do not want new nuclear power plants, according to the representatives of the environmental organization.

The NGO quoted a YouGov poll published in October showing that 66% of Romanians do not want a nuclear power plant to be built in their neighborhood. “At the same time, citizens’ support for green energy is very high in Romania. (…) what is the risk of living another nuclear disaster, when we are still witnessing the misfortunes left behind by them? “, Greenpeace concluded.

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