Head of Police’s anti-corruption department launches serious accusations against Interior minister

The head of the General Anti-corruption Department (DGA) within the Interior Ministry, Catalin Ionita, has launched serious accusation against his boss, Interior Minister, Carmen Dan, claiming in a letter that the changes the minister plans to make within the DGA are actually targeting him.

Minister Carmen has recently announced that there will be some changes operated at the General Anti-corruption Department.

In the letter, Ionita recalled a controversial moment in 2018, when he had been caught in a cross fire between minister Carmen Dan and the premier back then, Mihai Tudose.

The DGA chief said that he did not agree back then to become chief of the Romanian Police, as minister Dan had claimed at that time and that he had accepted this position following pressures.

Minister Dan said on Friday during the Interior Ministry’s 2018 activity report meeting that DGA had focused on other areas of interest than it should be, while announcing her intention to amend the law so that DGA’s activity should be taken back to the expertise area for which it had been set up in the first instance.

Carmen Dan has also referred to the disciplinary investigations within the ministry and to those who are trying to avoid these inquiries „through all kind of red herrings that can point to bad faith, such as the medical leaves”. The minister also announced „the fake invalids” that she had prepared some measures to solve this problem.

In retort, chestor Catalin Ionita has published a letter on Sunday, saying the minister’s announced actions are in fact targeting him. He also revealed he and his family had been put on surveillance. „There are witnesses and video footage in this respect. I informed DGPI (the Interior Ministry’s intelligence service), but absolutely nothing happened, on the contrary”, Ionita said.

He further revealed that he had accepted the job as the chief of the Romanian Police „following pressures”, „but the numerous interference in the General Police Inspectorate’s natural activity used to create permanent tensions”, he argued.

As they saw I cannot be manipulated, I was forced to write a report with my resignation right before a visit to the U.S. to the UN Mission, telling me that I should go in peace for we’ll see what to do after I get back. Subsequently, I heard from mass media that I had resigned (…) After I got back to DGA the pressures have continued regarding the dismissals of some chiefs of territorial structures, aspects that I will detail with evidence. Among the threats I received there were also the ones related to framing up a criminal file at the DNA, and saying that my PhD thesis has been plagiarised (...),” Ionita stated.

Interior minister Carmen Dan has retorted on Monday morning, arguing that „it is sad that an officer who is invoking honour is using his uniform in this way”.

Carmen Dan said that Ionita had all the needed tools at hand, as DGA director, „to check all these facts that he considered serious.”

Former PM Mihai Tudose at the time referred by Catalin Ionita has also prompted in, accusing Interior minister Carmen Dan of „lying” and that she has created her own agenda within the Interior Ministry.

Liar, aggressive and incompetent. A perfect description of Dragnea’s person. The Interior minister…Carmen Dan!!! (…)”, Tudose said, adding that Catalin Ionita is also admitting now that Carmen Dan had lied in 2018 on the head of the Romanian Police appointment.

„You probably recall that in January 2018 I asked the resignation of „this lady” (editor note: Interior minister Carmen Dan) for she was lying and she had her own personal agenda within the ministry… Back then, „the party” has been on fire, they called me a misogynist and, obviously, uncovered as Securitate officer and traitor… Now, chestor Catalin Ionita admits that „the lady” has lied and moreover, she has also made a series of abuses and pressures that have nothing to do with her position as Interior minister…This is how „Dragnea/PSD person looks like. This sample of pathetic character is organising elections…Young generations of policemen are taking oath before her…standing still before a liar, who seems intangible because Dady Dragnea gave her a PSD T-shirt! (…),” Tudose said.

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