Heading for the Future – the career event created by youth for YOUth

If you are between 18 and 30 years old and haven’t decided on your career path yet, or if you wish to broaden your horizons in new fields, AIESEC in Bucharest invites you to an unique event of simulated work experience. “Heading for the Future” is a career event, a fresh and captivating experience that will guide you towards your professional future.

What to expect from “Heading for the Future”?

The event offers a diverse range of workshops where you can explore areas such as: human resources, sales, business development, IT, marketing, digital marketing, management, and finance. Whether you are seeking specialization or looking to diversify your skills, “Heading for the Future” provides the necessary resources.

It is an unique opportunity to connect with important companies from the Romanian marketplace, interact with accredited speakers specialized in various fields of interest, and develop your network alongside passionate individuals in the same industry. Additionally, at the end of the event, you will receive a participation certificate, attesting to your involvement and acquired skills. Furthermore, there is the possibility of obtaining an internship from one of our trusted partners, so make sure to take your CV with you.

When and where?

The event will take place in Bucharest between April 15 – 28 and May 13 – 28, and the exact location will be announced on the event’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Follow the student groups on WhatsApp that you are part of or check out the Instagram stories of your friends starting with February 19 to make sure you don’t miss the kick-off and take the first steps towards a successful career!

How to register?

Access the link below and be ready to take the first steps towards the right career:

https://bit.ly/RegisterHeadingForTheFuture and follow the details of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/HeadingForTheFuture

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