Headless mummified body found near Ceausescu’s villa in Arges

A mummified body was found in a chapel near one of former communist ruler Nicolae Ceausescu’s villas in Arges county.

Local media reported the body would belong to a landlady, member of Istrate Micescu’s family, who was Justice minister in the 40s.

The bones were found in a prayer chapel in Micesti, near a villa formerly owned by communist president Nicolae Ceausescu.

The local media reported the woman’s mummified body had been found without head.

A curator told prosecutors that in 1947 several workers would have profaned the grave of a landlady, member of Micescu family, while conducting revamping works. The workers would have looked for jewelry and as they found nothing, they played football with the woman’s head in revenge.

After communists came to power in Romania after 1945, they launched a real witch hunt among the members of the nobility families.

The mummified body was taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office. Meanwhile, Arges police opened a criminal case for tomb raiding.

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