2,000 COVID-19 patients in Romania waiting for a spare intensive care beds. 100 are intubated

About 2,000 COVID-19 patients are currently waiting in the Emergency Reception Units of hospitals across the country to get an Intensive Care Bed, and about 100 of them are intubated, according HotNews.ro. However, the figures are in permanent dynamics and may undergo changes from one hour to another.

Romania has been running short of intensive care beds for COVID-19 patients for several weeks, amid the alarming increase in the number of daily infections.

Patients who arrive at the hospital and need an Intensive Care Bed are put on the waiting list, as there are no free beds in Romanian hospitals.

Authorities announced yesterday that no intensive care bed was available in Romanian hospitals for patients with COVID-19.

At the same time, at national level yesterday there was an operational reserve of 158 ICU beds for COVID-19 patients. These beds are activated, in dynamics, where the number of ICU patients exceeds the capacity of the main wards, authorities say.

Hungary is the first country to take over critically ill Romanian patients infected with SARS-CoV2, providing 50 Intensive Care beds. The first 10 patients were transferred to Hungary yesterday, but one of the transferred patients went into cardiopulmonary arrest and died on the way.

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