48pc vaccination rate in Bucharest. The counties with the lowest jab rate. Vaccination mobile squads in schools

Bucharest boasts the highest anti-Covid vaccination rate in Romania – 48%, followed by such counties as Cluj, Sibiu and Timiș.
The ranking of the counties with the lowest vaccination rate is topped by Suceava, which was the first “Covid red county” in Romania at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.
The vaccination pace stood at 48.7% in the Capital city on Tuesday, August 24, while in Cluj it was 45.19%.

Other nine counties with a vaccination rate of over 30%:

  • Sibiu – 38.6%
  • Timiș- 35.75%
  • Constanța – 35.81%
  • Brașov- 35.92%
  • Alba – 33.04%
  • Ilfov – 33.19%
  • Mureș – 32.26%
  • Sălaj – 31.78%
  • Prahova – 30.87%
According to the statistics released by the Vaccination Coordination Committee, the lowest vaccination percentages were reported in:
  • Suceava – 18.31%
  • Giurgiu – 18.87%
  • Botoșani – 19.84%.

Vaccination units, mobile squads in schools

Vaccination units will be set up in some schools so that both children over the age of 12, along with their parents or grandparents and teachers can be vaccinated, and in most cases mobile vaccination teams will be established as well, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Romania, Valeriu Gheorghiță said on Tuesday. He underlined that the Delta variant tends to become dominant in Romania, and the most exposed are the young people.

In the countryside, but also in urban areas, vaccination of children can be done through mobile squads. “We want each school to be assigned a mobile vaccination team,” the military doctor told a news conference.

Vaccination centers will also be set up for students on university campuses.

There are signs, although things are still not very clear, that Delta infection could cause more serious forms among children, and young people and adolescents are at a much higher risk of getting sick, with Delta being more transmissible,” Gheorghiță said.

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