60% of Romanian patients admitted in 2023 to the Wiener Privatklinik sought oncological services

Wiener Privatklinik, a private hospital in Austria, received more than 1000 Romanian patients in 2023. The most sought-after medical services included oncological treatments, surgeries across various specialties, including orthopedic interventions, as well as second opinion consultations and check-up packages.

Cancer was the main health problem of Romanian patients seeking treatment at Wiener Privatklinik

Out of the 1000 Romanian patients treated at Wiener Privatklinik last year, approximately 60% were diagnosed with oncological diseases, with the most prevalent types including breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, ENT tumors, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer.

Cancer patients accessed the services provided by the WPK Cancer European Academy Cancer Center, the most comprehensive private cancer center in Central and Eastern Europe, according to internationally standardized criteria. The Center adopts an integrated medical approach that incorporates the latest and most innovative methods for cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as interdisciplinary tumorboards held at a regular basis in short-term intervals. The treatment strategy for each case is personalized and patients benefit from state-of-the-art therapeutic options such as minimally invasive surgeries, targeted therapies, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Apart from oncological treatments, Romanian patients have sought the surgical services provided by Wiener Privatklinik, due to the high expertise of the hospital’s surgeons and the cutting-edge surgical equipment available. The surgical procedures in highest demand last year were in the fields of orthopedic-traumatology, cardiovascular surgery, reconstructive and peripheral nerve surgery, and pediatric surgery. Additionally, ranked among the top requested medical services in 2023 were second opinion consultations and personalized medical check-up packages.

„We are delighted to serve the Romanian patients as their trusted healthcare provider. These patients choose Wiener Privatklinik beacause they have the possibility to access the expertise of top-tier doctors in various specialties and innovative treatments, which may not always be available in Romania. The brief waiting time between consultations, diagnosis, and the commencement of treatment is also a crucial factor. Our dedicated team of Romanian case managers offers patients comprehensive logistical support for their medical trip to Vienna, during hospitalization, and post-treatment, ensuring that they receive the care they need under optimal conditions”,  said Thomas Peter Ebm, Managing Director, Wiener Privatklinik.

Romanian patients make approximately 26% of the hospital’s international patients

Wiener Privatklinik registers over 12,000 admissions annually, with approximately 45% being international patients from over 20 countries, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe. Romania tops the list, accounting for 26% of international patients.

The hospital provides medical services across more than 30 specialties, featuring 10 competence centers and collaborating with over 300 doctors. Many of them are also active scientific researchers with numerous acknowledgments for their achievements, such as being ranked in the Top 2% of the most cited scientists globally by Stanford University and other similar analyses.

Romanians can also consult Austria‘s leading medical experts online

Those unable to travel to Vienna, can consult Austria’s leading medical experts online, in the virtual clinic  WPK Online Healthcare Center , which covers over 20 medical specialties. Last year, Romanian patients accessed online consultations, in various fields such as oncology, second opinion radiology, internal medicine, cardiology, rheumatology, orthopedics, endocrinology, dermatology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, and ENT.

Wiener Privatklinik has two representative offices in Bucharest and Timisoara, providing Romanian patients with support for their medical visits to Vienna. This assistance includes information about costs, payment methods, accepted insurances, appointment scheduling, visa and transport assistance, guidance with medical records and prescriptions, as well as post-treatment monitoring, and more.

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