7 in 10 Romanians feel they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress for a longer life

Health, well-being and a healthy lifestyle are for Romanians the most important for a long life. 71% of Romanian respondents to a longevity study conducted by world insurance group in 11 countries believe they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to live longer, but also to reduce stress (68%), spend more time with loved ones (62%) and ensure a better financial situation in the future (56%).

However, 58% of Romanians admit that they find it difficult to keep up with the dynamic pace of everyday life and cope with stress. Some 76% say they experience at least moderate stress at times, and 63% say they often feel exhausted at the end of the day during stressful periods, which is why 9 out of 10 are actively looking for ways to reduce stress and, as a result, be better prepared for a longer life.

The ability to adapt to the dynamics of everyday life and financial stability in unexpected times are therefore essential. Although 58% of Romanians are confident that they can find solutions to manage in difficult times, more than half admit that they it would be difficult for them to cope with the stress of an unforeseen situation that could affect their health or their family’s financial situation, the study also shows.

8 in 10 Romanians say they are making efforts to have a healthier lifestyle that will help them live longer, and more than half are aware that they need to prepare their financial future starting as early as possible in order to better cope with the stress of unforeseen situations and manage easier, the study shows.

Achieving well-being and less stress is also supported by a healthy work-life balance. Most respondents say they are satisfied with their balance and find purpose in their work, and for 86% it is very important to develop professionally and have opportunities to increase their income so that they are better prepared financially for old age. This is why most are looking to continuously develop and accumulate new skills and knowledge.

However, 56% think that a six-month break from work would be helpful to relax and improve their well-being. Furthermore, for a longer life, 33% of respondents believe that the traditional life model, where people work after finishing their education until retirement age, could be replaced by an alternative model where there are more sabbatical periods throughout the career and retirement comes later than the current retirement age.

The Longevity Study was conducted online in 2023, among 1,008 Romanian respondents aged between 18 and 79 out of a total of 11,585 participants from the 11 countries.

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