All restrictions lifted as of March 9. Facemask not longer mandatory, but still recommended

The government has decided to lift the state of alert as of tomorrow, March 9, which means that all restrictions are lifted starting with this date, Health Minister Alexandru Rafila announced in a press conference on Tuesday. However, the Ministry of Health makes a number of recommendations, even if compliance with these measures will no longer be mandatory.

“Let’s hope that we will have a very peaceful spring, both in terms of public health and in terms of what is happening near our country. With the expiration of the state of alert, we will reach the situation The restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted. We have made a number of proposals on phased lifting. The fact that the government has decided to lift the alert puts us in a new situation – the restrictions are lifted,” said the health minister.

Main restrictions waived:    

  • the mask is no longer required in open or closed spaces;
  • access to shopping malls, institutions, events is allowed without a green certificate;
  • the PLF form is no longer required upon entering the country.

The Minister of Health warned, however, that Romania is still in a phase of community transmission of coronavirus – with over 5,000 cases per day – which means that, even if the restrictions are no longer mandatory, compliance with some of these measures is recommended below.

Therefore, the Health Ministry further recommends the population to:

-wear protective masks in crowded open spaces, on public transport, in closed spaces;

-avoid crowded spaces, whether they are indoor or outdoor;

-hand wash and the use of an antiseptic;

-test for symptoms and go to medical unit for treatment;

-isolation is recommended, even if it will no longer be controlled;

-quarantine could be maintained, but a decision by the National Committee for Emergency Situations is required.


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