Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara, infected with Covid-19, dies at 52. Three Covid patients in critical condition sent to Poland

The Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara, Gurie, hospitalized with a severe form of COVID-19, has died on Thursday in Deva, at the age of only 52.

The bishop suffered a cardiac arrest as had his lung 85% affected due to the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

His death occurred during the transfer procedures of the patient to a helicopter that was to transport him to the county hospital in Târgu Mureş. “He went into cardio-respiratory arrest. The resuscitation procedures were performed for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the patient could not be saved,” the manager of the Deva County Emergency Hospital (SJU) told Agerpres. Dr. Emil Stoica Mariş.

According to, the Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara had been hospitalized due to the Covid-19 infection at the Emergency County Hospital in Deva on October 8, and his condition had worsened two days ago and he was intubated.

Three seriously ill Covid patients transferred to Poland

Three critically ill Romanian patients with COVID-19 are being transferred today to Poland, in an anesthesia-intensive care unit in Łódź, the Ministry of Health announced.

“We thank our colleagues in Poland for their support and promptness. In these very difficult days, we continue our efforts to find solutions to supply hospitals with the necessary medicines and to provide medical care to patients in need, including by transfer abroad,” said Cseke Attila, the interim Minister of Health.

There have been no available intensive care beds in COVID-19 patients in Romanian hospitals for several weeks.

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