Classic vaccination or testing certificates to be used till August 12, as alternative to the digital certificate

The classic certificates, either for vaccination or testing, can be used at border crossing points until August 12, as an alternative to the digital vaccination certificate, which can be downloaded in Romania starting this morning, the state secretary within Health Ministry, Andrei Baciu, the vice-president of the National Committee for the Coordination of Vaccination Activities against COVID-19 has announced on Thursday.

We have launched today the platform through which we can download the European digital certificate for COVID 19. Everyone can download it. The most important thing is that we will have it in two versions, either on paper, where we can scan this QR code, a process that is done automatically, no one will have to manually check all the documents, or we can keep it on the phone mobile phone in such a way that we do not have to depend on a piece of paper, a document and, in the case of vaccination, for example, you can keep this document on your mobile phone with the same QR code and use it until June 2022 “, announced Andrei Baciu told a press conference.

Andrei Baciu added that there are three types of digital certificates that people can download from the platform vaccination certificate, a certificate certifying the Covid-19 infection, and testing document:

First of all, there is the paper related to vaccination, which proves that we were vaccinated against coronavirus with two doses. This information is also stated on the vaccination certificate. It actually reflects the scientific data about the immunity offered by the vaccine that we have at the moment. We will adjust adjust this period, more or less, only on the basis of future scientific data, if needed. The second option is the one that certifies healing, that we went through the disease, and that means having a positive RT PCR test no more 180 days ago. This variant is valid for 180 days from the first negative RC PCR test. The third variant is the presentation of a negative RT PCR test in the last 72 hours. These three types of variants can be downloaded on the platform. “

More than 170,000 EU digital certificates on COVID generated today by 12.00hrs

Over 170,000 EU digital certificates regarding COVID were generated, on Thursday, until 12.00hrs. Over 11,000 people obtained such a certificate in the first 15 minutes since the launch of the portal,  the Service of Special Telecommunications (STS) reported.

Four hours after the launch of the platform, certificates were generated, by categories, as following:

  • vaccination certificates: 162,024
  • test certificates: 4,522
  • healing certificates: 4,336
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