College of Physicians: Young patients die, children end up in intensive care, people without comorbidities die

We have reached a record number of Covid-19 infections, a record number of deaths and shocking numbers of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania, “young patients die, children end up in intensive care units, people with comorbidities die, people without comorbidities die,” the College of Physicians of Bucharest has warned in an open letter entitled “Cry of Despair. Open letter to the people”.

“Dear Romanians,

It is becoming increasingly difficult for us, the medical staff, to cope with the wave of COVID-19 diseases, both among the population and among us, the medical staff. The last days revealed a healthcare system stretched to its limits, especially in the units where COVID-19 patients are treated.

Every day we witness tragedies: dying patients, families in pain, doctors who have reached their limits, patients and medical staff infected with SARS-CoV-2 who need medical care. And the number is very high.

Faced with this dramatic picture, we think that the low level of vaccination among the population is perhaps a failure in terms of the trust that must exist between the medical staff and the population. Medicine is science, and science means research, exchange of experience, exchange of ideas, discussions for and against, so that in the end the result means the common good.

Today, science and evidence-based medicine tell us, including through the voices of international reference forums in the health sector, that vaccination is one of the important tools for the most effective management of the COVID-19 pandemic,” reads the letter.

The College of Doctors further argued that vaccination protects against the severe forms of SARS-CoV-2 and against deaths.

“YES, a vaccinated persons can also get sick.

YES, a vaccinated person can develop severe forms of the SARS-CoV-2 infections.

BUT the share of these cases is much lower among vaccinated people as against those who are not vaccinated”.

The representatives of the Bucharest doctors also say that this open letter is not just another call thrown into the air.

“It is a cry of despair, of us, of the Bucharest medical staff, through the voice of the College of Physicians of Bucharest, so that you, the population of Bucharest, but also the population of Romania as a whole, to reflect on the delivered information. We assure you that we are serious and correct about the information provided, that we rely on and present to you the scientific evidence we have at the time of communications and that we want and must fight to rebuild the relationship of trust between the doctor and his patient. between doctor and society.”

They said that they are “desperate for losing on a daily basis hundreds of patients who die in the Romanians hospitals.”

“YES, we are desperate because, no matter how many efforts we’d make, this deviously diseases take our patients away.

YES, we are desperate, as we are seldom disarmed and empty-handed in front of this disease.

And YES, we are desperate for, unfortunately, we heard too many times: I can’t breathe….I am not vaccinated”.

According to the doctors’ organization, their colleagues complain every day that they don’t know what to do anymore.

“We have young patients die, children end up in the intensive care units, people with comorbidities die, people without comorbidities die. We are at a crossroads and I believe that only a joint effort, ours and yours, can cap and stop this wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Science tells us today that by vaccination and compliance we can fight much more. effective with this pandemic. This call is born out of the suffering that is felt and lived in the medical units that treat COVID-19 patients and is written with the responsibility of people who put science and evidence-based medicine at the forefront,” concludes the letter signed by professor doctors Cătălina Poiană, president of the Bucharest College of Physicians.

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