DefMin: After March 15, military vaccination centres to be opened also for civilians

Defence minister Nicolae Ciucă has announced that the Defence Ministry’s vaccination centres will be opened for civilians as of March 15, when the third phase of vaccination for the general population is due to begin. The minister said that these military centres had not been set up to provide privileges for the military and had not been designed as close-circuit units.

“Those 92 centres were established to reduce the pressure on the centres serving the general population, by taking over the load of vaccinating an important part of the Romanian population,” minister Ciuca said in a Facebook post.

Starting March 15, the vaccination centres of the Ministry of National Defence will be opened both for military and also for civilians,” he said.

Ciuca explained that the “military medical system has never functioned as a close-circuit system and the statistics are undeniable: out of over 65,000 patients treated by the Military Hospital in Bucharest aroudn 80% were civilians.”

As for the vaccination of the military’s family members, the minister pointed out:

“No privileges have been created for the members of our families either in providing medical care or in the vaccination process. Their appointments for vaccinations were and will be made in compliance with the eligibility standards at national level.”

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