Doctor who implanted heart devices from the dead allegedly falsified patient consents

The doctor from Iasi who implanted cardiac devices taken from corpses would not have informed his patients that they were recycled and would have falsified the agreement for such a procedure.

The “Patient’s Informed Consent” forms were modified after being signed by the patients, without their knowledge, with a handwritten passage in which they would have given their consent for the implantation of reused devices, prosecutors claim in the report in which they requested the doctor’s arrest, according to

The investigators also claim that a large part of the interventions to insert some implantable cardiac devices, including those extracted from deceased patients, carried out/recommended by the doctor, were not necessary, proceeding to their operationalization either by recording fictitious diagnoses or by the previous recommendation of some drugs that cause reactions of a nature to lead to the specific symptomatology, according to the data previously announced by the prosecutors.

“In the factual situation retained by the prosecutors, it is mentioned that the defendant would have exercised his duties, with intention, in a defective way, by implanting, between 2017 and August 2022, a number of 238 devices extracted from corpses or the source of which is unknown, ignoring the risk of causing serious medical problems or even death to patients, thus proceeding to their reuse, although this is prohibited by primary legislation. At the same time, the manufacturers of medical devices record on the packaging of the devices the prohibition of their reuse. From the evidence administered in the case so far, it emerged that the defendant operationalized a network made up of medical personnel who provided him with implantable cardiac devices, extracted including from deceased patients, without complying with the legal provisions and without the consent, prior to death, of the persons in question or of the belongings. Later, he performed medical procedures to replace it of these devices, without registering them in the hospital management (in the absence of provenance documents) and, consequently, without going through the internal procedural flow, there being no compliance notices from the Ministry of Health, guarantee certificates and documents attesting to the completion sterilization procedures”, the prosecutors claim.

The Bucharest Court ordered, on Saturday, the preventive arrest for 30 days of the cardiologist Dan Tesloianu from the “St. Spiridon” Hospital in Iasi, charged by the General Prosecutor’s Office for reusing pacemakers extracted from corpses.

Dan Tesloianu was detained on Friday for 24 hours, for committing the crimes of abuse of office, in continuous form (238 material acts), complicity in the continuation of the execution of the works after the order to stop them by the competent control bodies, according to the law, and taking of bribery.

Doctor Dan Tesloianu owns, together with his wife, who is also a doctor at a hospital in Iasi, two houses and an apartment. One of the houses, with an area of ​​200 square meters, is in Iasi, and the other house, with 120 square meters, is in Crăcăoani, Neamţ.

The apartment has 51 square meters, is located in Iasi and was bought in 2019. In the middle of last year, the Tesloianu family declared an art collection worth 50,000 euros, as well as bank deposits of 89,996 euros, 50,000 dollars and 76,498 RON.

In the last year, Dan Tesloianu earned 185,000 RON in salary income and no less than 160,000 euros in dividends from the company Cardiomed SRL, in which he is a shareholder.

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