Green vaccination certificates needed at the restaurant, shows, concerts, wedding parties, swimming pools if the infection rate is higher than 3 per 1,000

The green Covid-19 certificate attesting to the vaccination, testing or passing of a person will be required in localities with an incidence of coronavirus infections between 3 and 6 per thousand inhabitants for bars, restaurants, public and private events, concerts, shows, swimming pools, following a decision adopted by the National Committee for Emergency Situations today, September 16.

The head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), Raed Arafat had previously announced that this possibility is taken into consideration in those localities where the Covid-19 infection rate exceeds 3 per thousand. He argued that it is easy to check if the person is vaccinated, tested or if he/she has gone through the disease, because there is already an application that can read the QR code.

“Instead of closing certain restaurants, the idea is to enter these premises on the basis of this certificate. It is a measure to limit the economic impact of the pandemic. Of course, there are other conditions: organizing conferences, congresses, if you go to certain locations in closed spaces, if it is the higher incidence or in certain situations to use this way of verification”, said Raed Arafat.

“There is an application that can be downloaded from the internet and allows you to check a person’s certificate by phone without storing the person’s data. This is the solution that several European countries are already using and is one of the solutions that can support limiting the total closure of some economic activities. There will be no difference (compared to the application used in France – n.r.). There was a discussion with colleagues from Special Telecommunications System (STS) and they explained that the application is valid, it can be used. It seems to me that it is the same application that the French use, because it is the same concept of the green certificate and the application can read any European green certificate, not only the Romanian one“, Arafat explained.

For this to happen, legal norms are needed to allow the use of the green certificate in Romania.

Mandatory vaccination or weekly tests for certain categories

Doctors, teachers or the military are the categories that could be forced to be vaccinated or tested weekly on their expense. A decision in this regard is to be taken soon.

“It is certain that vaccination is mandatory or, in the worst case, mandatory testing at least once a week. One of these two must be. (…) The state offers you the free vaccine, you have had access to it for several months now, you can go anywhere to get vaccinated. If you chose not to do it, then you test yourself “, said the head of DSU, Raed Arafat at Digi 24. “These measures will have to come very quickly,” Raed Arafat added.

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