Health minister: Digital certificate for those who have not taken the booster within 9 months expires on February 1

Health Minister Alexandru Rafila announced on Friday that the green certificate expires on February 1 for people who were vaccinated more than 9 months ago and did not take the booster dose.

He explained that the measure is a European directive. “We may have some revitalization of the vaccination campaign if the European mechanism, the European directive, comes into force after 1 February: the validity of the vaccination certificate is extended if people are vaccinated with the booster dose in a period that does not exceed 9 months from the end of the vaccination “, Rafila told Europa FM.

The minister added that the validity of the vaccination certificates will be conditioned by this maximum interval of 9 months from the end of the first vaccination scheme. “Those who were vaccinated in August should not get vaccinated (booster dose, n.r.) because it has not been 9 months since the vaccination with the second dose,” he explained.

Rafila also said that 2022 would be the year when “we will end this medical emergency”.

The natural history of pandemics shows that this is the case: as the transmission of a pandemic increases, the pathogenic effect decreases. What is happening with this strain, Omicron, proves that this is the case and it is hard for me to believe that we will see a large number of cases with a strain that is more pathogenic than Omicron. It is possible that more pathogenic variants will appear, but with low transmissibility, and then we will discuss an endemic manifestation, not an epidemic one “, he said.

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