New outbreak of coronavirus in a retirement home in Orastie

A new Coronvirus outbreak has been detected in a retirement home in Orastie, Hunedoara county, where 21 out of 30 elderly have tested positive for COVID-19. Five caretakers are also infected. This is the third outbreak in Romania, after two previous cases in Galati.

Two of the retirement home’s patients are admitted at the local hospital, while the rest are in isolation in the retirement home.

According to the Hunedoara Public Health Direction, the people confirmed with COVID-19 were not having symptoms or only mild ones and those ones were hospitalised.

An epidemiological inquiry is under way.

Two elderly admitted in the retirement home went to the local hospital on April 8 for some health problems. As they had symptoms of a mild respiratory infection they were tested for COVID-19 and a day later all the elderly in the retirement home were tested.

The nursing home has been closed for visitors since April 3 and the staff is also in self-isolation there.

The residents of the retirement home are aged from 61 to 94.

This is the third outbreak of coronavirus in a retirement home, after previous two in Galati. In a palliative care home in Galati, 90 people have been infected with COVID-19, 72 elderly and 18 people employed there. In another nursing home in Galati, two elderly and two caretakers are infected.

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