Over 200 Romanians working in a slaughterhouse in Germany tested positive for coronavirus

Around 200 Romanians who are working in a slaughterhouse in Germany, Badden-Wurttemberg region, have been confirmed with coronavirus. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that around 500 employees working there are Romanians out of the total of 700. The Romanians are hired by a  company subcontracted by the German slaughterhouse.
The slaughterhouse is located in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim, Badden-Wurttemberg region. The Romanian Foreign Ministry says that Romania’s Embassy in Berlin and the General Consulate in Stuttgart have been notified and have taken actions upon the German authorities to check the condition of the Romanian workers. Romania’s embassy has contacted the German ministries of Agriculture and of Labour, as well as the land’s PM and the mayor of the town.
MAE also informs that, according to the German authorities, most of the workers who tested positive for COVID-19 have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Only five people of those infected needed hospitalisation, and two of them had been already discharged from hospital. In one case of the two already discharged from hospital, mechanical ventilation was needed.
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