Over 8,000 daily Covid-19 infections, 17 deaths in the past 24hrs

Over 8,000 new Covid-19 infections have been reported in the last 24 hours in Romania (8,118 more precisely), as well as 17 deaths.

The daily balance sheet is on the rise compared to Sunday when 7,595 cases of people positive for SARS-COV-2 were reported, but the deaths are on decline compared to Sunday when 28 deaths were recorded.

Overall, 1,911,546 infections with the novel coronavirus have been reported in Romania since the beginning of the pandemic till today, January 17, 2022, with 20,619 being reinfected patients after more than 6 months from the first infection. 1,776,122 patients were declared cured.

The death toll climbed to 59,257, with 17 new more deaths reported in the past 24 hours: 9 men and 8 women.

Out of the latest 17 deaths, one was in the 50-59 age group, seven in the 60-69 age group, six in the 70-79 age group and two in patients over 80. All recent victims had comorbidities.

Among the 17 dead patients due to SARS-COV-2, 11 were not vaccinated and six were vaccinated. The vaccinated dead patients were aged 50 to over 80 and they all pre-existing medical conditions.

4,027 Romanians infected with COVID-19 are currently hospitalized, by 380 more than the previous day. 485 are in a more serious condition in intensive care, by 11 more than on Sunday. Among those 485 patients in ICU, only 52 had vaccination certificates.

Out of the total number of hospitalized Covid patients, 338 are children, more by 44 than Sunday, and 21 are in intensive care, more by 8 than the previous day.

Infection rate up in Bucharest 

At the same time, the Covid infection rate continues to increase in Bucharest, up to 5.67 per one thousand inhabitants on Monday, almost eight times higher than it was on January 1.

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