PM calls for resignations and chain dismissals in case of elderly tortured in nursing homes

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu asked, on Friday, the Minister of Labor to dismiss the management of the County Agency for Payments and Social Inspection (ANPIS) Ilfov in the case of the elderly tortured in the nursing homes in or near Bucharest. He also demanded the dismissal of the leadership of the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

“(…) Both you and I, we are all human and we saw what happened in those days of horror, so as they were rightly called by the press. Elderly, vulnerable people who instead of being helped were actually tortured. I personally, frankly, could not go through all the transcripts that were released in the media.

I believe that this organized crime group, with the complicity of some officials, they must respond as soon as possible. I request the Minister of Labor that today, the management of ANEPIS – Agency for Payments and Social Inspection and of ANEPIS Ilfov be dismissed. And the management of the County Agency for Payments and Social Inspection Ilfov.

The minister will go to the briefing to show you the photos from the file, which show that these prisons are five-star hotels and the reality there. Certain officials changed the pictures and the reality and took to the management of ANEPIS for authorization images that have nothing to do with reality. Mr. Minister, put all the materials and information you have at the disposal of the press, detail the entire authorization process, so that the Romanians know exactly what happened.

I want to make an appeal to the CJ Ilfov Management and to the Sector 3 City Hall to urgently remove the heads of the local DGASPs because they had direct duties regarding the operation and quality of services to the elderly, children or persons with disabilities. I want to be removed from the position of president of the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this institution having a control body. We find that there are three institutions, one local and two central, that had control attributions, and we have reached where we have reached,” PM Ciolacu stated.

The prime minister also asked the Minister of Justice to have discussions with the DIICOT leadership so that this investigation is a priority.

“I would like the Minister of the Interior to clarify to the police why measures were not taken since things have been known for some time. I want as a priority for all the authorities with control powers a nationwide check of all these state or private centers, centers for the elderly or children with disabilities. On Sunday, I request a meeting with the Romanian government with the minister of the interior, the minister of labor and everyone with control powers. I want as urgently as possible to restore Romanians’ trust in the state institutions,” declared Marcel Ciolacu.

Meanwhile, new shocking details were disclosed in the DIICOT investigation regarding the case of the horrors that happened in the nursing homesin Ilfov. The arrest report made by the prosecutors includes statements of witnesses, employees and environmental surveillance that show that the beneficiaries were premeditatedly subjected to inhumane treatments: they were left hungry, mocked and exploited, it appears from the transcripts of the investigation published by Bulentin de București.

Anti-organized crime prosecutors have intercepted several telephone conversations that show the torment to which people were subjected in the dormitories of Ilfov, where an extensive rescue operation and searches took place on Tuesday. The members of the network that is in DIICOT’s sights were stealing the food that should have reached the beneficiaries.

“The members of the group with an execution role are involved in crimes of theft of food products intended to feed the beneficiaries, both from the food purchased from the funds of the centers but also from the food brought by the beneficiaries’ relatives. Moreover, they are also involved in stealing clothing and medicines brought to them by their families”. 

Beneficiaries were kept in inhuman accommodation conditions, having to wear additional or thicker clothing due to the fact that the interior spaces are not properly heated during the cold season, in rooms with insufficient lighting, without furniture, apart from the bed which it is equipped with non-conforming mattresses (sponge covered with cloth).

“A chronic problem at all three care centers is the infestation of indoor spaces, including bedding and clothing, by bedbugs that feed on blood by repeatedly stinging the skin of the beneficiaries, creating a state of permanent discomfort for the beneficiaries and being likely to exacerbate their pre-existing pathologies”, the arrest indictment states.

The arrest report is also based on the statements of the witnesses, who said that the beneficiaries received little and poor quality food, it is shown in the selection made by Buletin de Bucharest of the testimonies from the investigation.

In another recording obtained by prosecutors, one of the employees recounts that when he cooked soup for the beneficiaries, he added an entire jar of chopped hot peppers and later recounted with amusement how the victims had heightened physiological discomfort when they went to the toilet.

Beyond food, the victims were also accommodated in improper conditions, in buildings that were not even connected to the sewage network. In situations where the septic tank overflowed, they were made to scoop up the manure with a bucket, the discussions between the employees reveal.

The beneficiaries were beaten by members of the nursing homes, according to the arrest report. “Later, the ambulance was called, and until the ambulance came, the patient told me that “Doina” and “Cornelia” took her downstairs, where they beat her. I asked her where she was hit and she said “with the punch in the face” and she also showed me the areas on her body. I asked her what the ambulance staff said and she told me that the ambulance staff stopped at the first right turn and took pictures of her. The patient stated that she was beaten by “Doina” on other occasions as well.”

DIICOT announced on Wednesday morning that 24 people were detained and two placed under judicial control, after the searches at the centers for vulnerable people. The four defendants pre-arrested for 30 days are Ștefan Godei, the administrator of one of the homes for the elderly, his brother, Dan Godei, center coordinator, Andrei Răzvan Țicu, head of service at the Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Ilfov and Ovidiu Dumitra, former a police officer at the Ilfov Police, the husband of Cristina Dumitra, who managed the business of nursing homes, Libertatea daily reported.

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    Give those found guilty the same treatment as the Ceausescu’s…EXECUTION by firing squad!!!