Polidin vaccine inventor, doctor Sylvia Hoisie dies at 94

Sylvia Hoișie, the inventor of Polidin and a Holocaust survivor, died on Tuesday at the age of 94. Polidin was an immunomodulator vaccine invented in Romania at the Cantacuzino Institute and licensed in 1966. Hoisie was also a Holocaust survivor.

“With deep sorrow, the Jewish Community of Iasi announces the passing into eternity of Dr. Sylvia Hoisie. A man of great sensitivity, a perfect professional, being one of the personalities who invented the famous Polidin, a medicine that saved many lives. Survivor of the hell in Transnistria, she managed to fight hunger and misery, sharing those horrors with the whole world“, the Iasi Jewish Community announced.

Sylvia Hoișie will be buried on Friday, May 27, in the Jewish Cemetery in Iaşi.

Also known as the Polidin’s mother, doctor Sylvia Hoișie was part of the team that created the Romanian vaccine Polidin.

The development of Polidin, a vaccine that revolutionized the Romanian medical world, took six years, said doctor Sylvia Hoișie. “Polidin could have been an adjunct to a treatment. Polidine would help increase the body’s resistance. We recommend Polidin, among other things, in schools. It was known that the flu period appears in the autumn and the children were injected with Polidin, with very good results “, said the doctor told ProTv a year ago, talking about coronavirus.

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