President Iohannis: State of alert due to pandemic will not be extended after March 8, some restrictions to be lifted

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced on Friday that the authorities had decided that the alert would not be extended after March 8 and that a number of restrictions should be removed. He said the list of restrictions would be made public by the government.

The president also said that the decision was made because “the Covid pandemic is on an accelerated downward slope, and wave 5 is about to end.”

Today we convened an evaluation meeting with all those responsible in the field, after which we decided not to extend beyond March 8 the state of alert established in Romania. The Ministry of Health is the one that will continue to manage the evolution of the epidemic, which we hope is coming to an end. With the lifting of the alert, a series of measures that have been in force until now will be eliminated. The complete measures will be announced and explained in detail, in the next period, by the competent authorities,” Iohannis said.

The Romanian head of state reminded that it is two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, “two very difficult years in which our existence has been radically changed.”

“More than 63,000 Romanians lost the battle with the disease, leaving behind a huge gap and countless grieving families. These figures express a lot of suffering, they are a reflection of tragedies that have produced deep traces. The last two years have brought many challenges, which have influenced us in various ways: the rapid spread of the virus, isolation, pressure on the health system, school closures, affecting many sectors of the economy, diminishing social interactions, all these have had a negative impact and they have raised countless barriers for us.”

He argued that this stage is largely due to the preventive measures taken by the authorities.

“The fact that today we can speak of a new stage, which means at least the end of this pandemic wave, is largely due to the effective prevention measures adopted by the authorities.”

The President also thanked citizens and doctors.

“Obviously, we could not have succeeded without the responsibility of the citizens, without the solidarity of the Romanians, who, for the most part, understood and respected the rules. Special thanks for this! I would also like to thank once again the doctors, nurses, nurses, pharmacists and all those who have always been at the forefront of the fight against the virus and have shown their dedication and professionalism. The exemplary mobilization of the health system, despite the major vulnerabilities it has faced, has been impressive.”

Iohannis warned though that we must remain vigilant.

“What I want to emphasize is that we remain vigilant. Good prevention habits, acquired in the last two years, must be maintained. Even if there are good signs that we have entered a downward phase, it is just as important that we continue to vaccinate and protect ourselves, because we will most likely have to live with this virus. The pandemic has shown us that health should always be treated as a priority in terms of increasing investment, but also in rethinking mechanisms so that the health system is fair and able to respond effectively to extreme situations.”

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  • Giles Eldridge

    Iohannis “The pandemic has shown us that health should always be treated as a priority in terms of increasing investment, ” in this case why do you not invest in the health system instead of burning people alive?