Prevalence of the UK Covid strain 8 times higher in Romania, experts say

Other 88 Covid-19 infections with the UK strain have been confirmed in Romania following the genome sequencing of 94 samples, MedLife announced.
According to experts, in about two month the prevalence of the UK strain has grown eight times 9from 12% yo 94%) in our country, and the UK strain has become substitute of other strains that were spread in Romania.
No rise in the South African and Brazilian strains has been noticed in this stage.
The number of infections with the UK strain B.1.1.7 reported in Romania climbed to 469.
MedLife has sequenced almost 700 samples, 74% of the total sequenced tests in Romania, with 239 being the UK strain and 2 with the B.1.351 South African strain.
Overall, since the beginning of 2021, Romanian authorities reported 469 infections with the UK strain, 3 with the South African one and 2 with the Brazilian strain.
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