Romania has over 16,000 Coronavirus cases, death toll up to 1,016

Coronavirus death toll has climbed to 1,016 in Romania on Wednesday from 1,002 on Tuesday, with the youngest person being a 23-year-old man.

Authorities have confirmed 14 more victims today since the report a day ago, with a 23yo young man from Bihor among them. He was suffering of several diseases: pemphigus under immunosupressive treatment, Cushing syndrome, obesity.

The Strategic Communication Group has reported that Romania had exceeded the threshold of 16,000 cases of COVID-19 today. So, there were 16,002 coronavirus cases in Romania confirmed by May 13, with 224 new cases registered in the past 24 hours.

Out of the total number of infected people, 7,961 recovered, while 228 patients are still in intensive care.

Suceava is till the biggest outbreak in the country, with over 3,300 confirmed casea and over 170 deaths, but with a downward trend. A flatten curve is also noticed in Bucharest, which is the second largest COVID-19 outbreak, over 1,500 cases and 66 deaths.


Tuesday updates

15,778 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Romania by May 12, with 190 new ones reported in the past 24 hours, the Strategic Communication Group informed.

Out of the total number of cases, 7,685 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals, while 238 patients are still in intensive care.

Until Tuesday, 1,002 have died of coronavirus, which means the death toll has exceeded the threshold of 1,000. The age of the latest victims ranges from 63 to 90 and they all had underlying conditions such as obesity, diabetes, kidney or heart diseases, hypertension.

14,923 people were quarantined in Romania at this point, while other 19,007 are in self-isolation at home under medical surveillance.

The data provided by the Strategic Communication Group show that almost half of people infected with the new coronavirus in Romania recovered. The rate of healing has thus reached 48.5%, higher than the global average, which is around 35%.


IntMin Vela: If you see someone sneezing and having no facemask, you can call 112

Interior minister Marcel Vela has stated in a YouTube interview that a person in a public space who wears no facemask and who’s sneezing might end up having a criminal file. “If the person is sneezing and have no facemask can have criminal record“, the minister said.

“We’ll have police forces at every subway station. You can immediately call 112, if you see someone without mask at the subway. If the person is sneezing and have no facemask he or she can get a criminal file, for they had no proper behaviour and willingly contributed to foiling diseases”, the minister explained.

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