The Cantacuzino Institute will have a new factory, where it will produce flu, tetanus and Polidin vaccines

The Cantacuzino Institute will build a new serology research and production center in the Băneasa area of ​​Bucharest. The investment – estimated at 150 million euros – is aimed at resuming the production of flu vaccine, tetanus vaccine and Polidin – three of the 21 serums for which Cantacuzino held the license.

As the Cantacuzino Institute is under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Defense, the new medical unit will be built on a plot of land that belongs to the Army.

Twp vaccines will be produced there for tetanus and flu. But also Polidin, a serum for immunity, invented by Romania in 1966.

The stake, however, remains the flu vaccine. The army wants to start production in 2025. The construction of the factory in Baneasa will start by the end of the year. The investment amounting to 150 million euros will be covered by MApN.

At this point only clinical studies are carried out and the toxicity of the products is checked on laboratory animals. Polydin is in an advanced form of research and will be on the Romanian market again, in three forms: injectable, jelly and spray.

The first serum that could be released on the market is anti-tetanus. Now we buy it from the Bulgarians. To begin with, 1,600 variants of the strain dating back to 1970 were brought to Bucharest, from the headquarters in Iasi.

For all this, however, a private partner is also needed, a strong manufacturer, who will come up with the mass production lines. Otherwise, the Institute will only be able to ensure strategic production, i.e. the minimum necessary for the population.

The institute withdrew the flu vaccine from the market in 2013. The activity stopped suddenly after the famous scandal of toxic bacteria, discovered on the production line. Nine employees from Cantacuzino and the manager back then were suspected of negligence.

However, the criminal files regarding this scandal were closed after four years of investigation.

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