The first hospital for children with cancer in Romania, built from donations, operational in June-July 2022

Dăruiește Viață Association estimates that it will complete the construction of the first pediatric oncology and radiotherapy hospital in Romania at the beginning of next year, and it will become operational, most likely, in June-July 2022, after the testing and calibration period. The construction of the hospital started in 2018, and the money was raised exclusively from donations and sponsorships.

“We estimate that we will complete the construction of the Hospital at the beginning of next year and that it will probably become operational in June-July 2022, after the testing and calibration period. We want the little patients to benefit as soon as possible from of us, such as the fact that in the pandemic we had many delays in the delivery of materials on site, and this delayed certain pre-set deadlines“, announces the NGO founded by Carmen Uscatu and Oana Gheorghiu.

#NoiFacemUnSpital is a long-term project, a unique initiative in Romania, a living organism that grows before our eyes, while so many other things stand still. So it is normal to have questions about a project of such magnitude, made by an association from donations and sponsorships. We try to respond to the ones we hear most often“, say the NGO representatives.

The Dăruiește Viață Association announced that, after the completion of the construction of the pediatric oncology and radiotherapy hospital, built in Bucharest, in the courtyard of the Marie Curie Hospital, it intends to rebuild the Marie Curie Hospital from scratch.

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