The first medicine for moderate COVID-19 infections that might be produced in Romania

770,000 pills of Favipiravir (FluGuard), an antiviral drug used to treat mild and moderate COVID-19 forms are expected to reach Romania in the upcoming 6 months. The first 220,000 tablets of Favipiravir, with 20,000 as donation for the COVID-19 hospitals in Romania, have entered the Unifarm warehouses today, as Terapia Sun Pharma Cluj has announced on Friday.

As a matter of fact, Favipiravir (FluGuard) might be produces in Romania as well, at Terapia Cluj, starting next year if there is demand, Dragoș Damian, CEO Terapia Cluj told

Those 770,000 pills to enter Romania in the coming 6 months represent the need to treat around 10,000 patients who have mild and moderate forms of cooronavirus, according to the recommendations of the therapy protocol issued by the Health Ministry in August this year.

Terapia Cluj, which is the largest domestic medicine producer, is also considering the possibility of a technology transfer of producing the drug in its unit in Cluj-Napoca.

Favipiravir is an antiviral medicine developed and used in Japan since 2014 and in China since 2016 to treat severe influenza and a number of other viral infections, like Ebola, Lass virus, rabies virus, etc.

The mechanism of its actions is thought to be related to the selective inhibition of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.

Recent clinic on COVID-19 proves that the medicine reduced viral clearance time, and that 91% of people had improved CT scans with few side effects.

The results of other 36 clinical trials on the action of Favipiravir on COVID-19 infections are expected in the upcoming period abroad in such states as Italy, USA, Germany and Canada.

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