Vaccination center in District 2 shut down following investigation into false immunization certificates

The Neghiniță vaccination center in Bucharest’s district 2 has been closed due to suspicions that false vaccination certificates have been issued there. Police areplaced changed.

A number of 168 people have been taken to hearings at the Capital Police in this case. There are also ten witnesses in this case, which has been under investigation since August, when the first complaints were filed.

The people working at that center were civil servants deployed from the Child Care Directorate in District 2, according to Digi24. They should have done the platform registrations and the actual vaccination. Vaccination did not take place, however, because the personal data of those not vaccinated were entered into the system instead of those of people already vaccinated, so when the latter came to the center to do dose 3 did not appear in the system. According to police, the data was replaced for a fee.

Today it has been confirmed that such cases have been repeated at Neghinita vaccination center,” District 2 mayor Radu Mihaiu said, confirming that all staff working there is being replaced. “Until the prosecutors complete the investigations, we cannot risk collaborating with anyone there. We will change the entire team. And in the shortest time we will restart the activity in the Neghiniță center. Because there is a great need for immunization these days,” the mayor added.

The people who were scheduled for vaccination at Neghinita center will be redirected to the other vaccination units in the District 2. The center of Cora Pantelimon was supplemented with a new flow and another two flows will kick off at the Obor Market these days. An entire new center will be opened at Mega Mall.

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