HIV/AIDS new cases in Romania on the rise

Almost 1,000 new HIV/AIDS cases are tracked down in Romania on a yearly basis, with most of them contracting the virus by sexual transmission, a doctor within “Matei Bals” infectious diseases Institute warned.

A major alarming trend is also that infected persons are mostly youngsters and about 350 to 400 of them are voluntarily dropping the treatment.

“We have almost 7,500 HIV/AIDS infected persons who are coming from previous years. On average, we used to have 720 to 850 new cases each year. Now we have almost 1,000 new cases per year at young persons aged 25 to 30, mostly being men.57 percent of the patients got the virus sexually,“ doctor Mariana Mardarescu said in Friday at UNOPA conference, which is meant to raise authorities’ awareness for the HIV patients.

The doctor also said that many persons are giving up treatment voluntarily.

“The highest number of patients who gave up treatment was registered in 2012 when 650 of them stopped taken their drugs,” the doctor added.

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