Update – Horrible crime in Brasov: Man kills his wife, children while they were sleeping

A man has killed his 42-year-old wife and the two teen children, an 18-year-old girl and a 13 year-old boy, then he turned himself in to the Police.

The 43-year-old man has been detained and is being investigated for murder. His name is Florin Mircea Buliga and was born in Suceava. Sources with the Police told he is the owner of a private company.

The man waited for his wife and children to go to bed and after that he stabbed them to death. He turned himself in to the police at 13:00hr,” the sources said.

Before killing the members of his family, the man “had a religious experience after which he tried to kill himself,” sources also revealed.

Later on on Wednesday morning after hearings, investigators revealed that the man seemed to not regret his deeds, saying he is convinced he had sent his wife and children to a better world. According to the spokesperson of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Brasov Tribunal for Minors, Daniel Danca, the man admitted he is taking drugs. In his view, the man his very unstable.

He says that after he committed the crime, he would have communicated telepathically with his family and they told him they are Ok“, Danca says. Investigators say the crime has been committed on Sunday night, after the woman and children had fallen asleep. Before killing hsi family, the man went to Sinca Monastery, where he used to go for retreat.

He told me he had problems with the alcohol in the past and attended the meetings of the Alcoholic Anonymous. He told me he is also taking drugs occasionally,” prosecutor Danca added.

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