Hospitality Culture Institute: Romanians have allocated record sums for eating out in 2022

In 2022, Romanians’ expenses at restaurants, cafes, pubs or fast-food will be over 30% higher than in 2021, exceeding 7.5 billion euros, an absolute record for the food service industry. The estimates belong to the Hospitality Culture Institute, which also announces the launch of applications for a new study co-financed by hospitality players.

“The food service market in Romania will exceed all expectations this year, with total sales of over 7.5 billion euros, an absolute record for this industry. Practically, foodservice is becoming the most attractive sector for investments, which, however, also faces two big problems: poor digitalization and lack of staff,” announces Florin Maxim, founder of the Hospitality Culture Institute.

9% of Romanians who go out spend more than 100 lei/person on a meal at a restaurant

“Ever since the first edition of the research, we have been following the evolution of the shopping voucher. If in 2019 only 2% of Romanians spent more than 100 lei for dining out, this year we estimate that the percentage will reach 9%. Another direction that we look carefully at in our study is represented by the consumption habits of Romanians. For example, we know that during the pandemic, food ordering quickly gained market share. However, we see that even this year, even if the restrictions on the operation of HoReCa units have been removed, the food delivery sector has retained its supremacy”, adds Florin Maxim.

“Hospitality Culture Research”, now in its sixth edition, extracts relevant data through both quantitative and qualitative methods, analyzing the food service industry, the consumption habits of Romanians and trends in the sitting, delivery and retail markets (gastro districts) .

“In 2017, we realized that the HoReCa industry does not have access to data and statistics. Business decisions were based on the entrepreneur’s instinct rather than market studies.

At the same time, the HoReCa industry is extremely fragmented, with many small players who would not be able to afford to commission their own research. Hospitality Culture Research emerged in response to this need. Every year, market players who want to better understand the industry and customer behavior sit around the same table and co-fund this study. We are launching the current edition in partnership with Tazz, thus managing to offer a 10% discount to all co-financiers of the study,” adds Florin Maxim.

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