How do Romanians see the upcoming smoking ban?

Almost 80% of the Romanians living in the city agree to the law banning smoking in public spaces which will come into force as of mid-March, reveals a study conducted by iSense Solutions.

Half of the respondents (52%) who are net surfers say they will keep on going out as much as so far, despite the anti-smoking ban. 92 pc of non-smokers agree to the law, while 56 pc of the smokers also agree to it and 45 % of the smokers are content with the law.

Smokers seem to be aware of the law’s necessity,” said the survey’s author.

However, the study shows that men are mostly discontent with this ban (19%) compared to women (16%).

The impact that the an will have on HORECA industry will be very important, as it the frequency of going out in pubs and restaurants might be affected. Yet, we noticed that the percentage of those saying they will go out more often (21%) is higher than the one of those stating they will go out less (11%), while 15 % are still not decided yet, so the impact might not be so dramatic than initially estimated,” the iSense Solutions representative stated.

In Romania, a smoker is consuming an average of 12 cigarettes per day, while 90 % of the smokers admitted they smoke a package of cigarettes every day.

People from 35 to 44 years old are smoking the most (an average of 15 cigarettes per day). At the same time, men are smoking more than women (14 cigarettes versus 11 cigarettes per day). The study also pointed that married people or those in a relationship are smoking more than the single people (13 cigarettes versus 10 cigarettes per day).

84% of the smokers prefer normal non-flavoured cigarettes, while 16 % prefer mentholated cigarettes and 5 % with other flavours. 6 % choose for the cigarillos and 5 % for the electronic cigarette.

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