How many Ukrainian refugees are in the Romanian hospitals?

75 people from Ukraine are hospitalized in Romanian hospitals, Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Tuesday. He said that our country has no problems in providing medical care to Ukrainian refugees.

“75 people from Ukraine are hospitalized today. Regarding the requests for medical assistance to the county ambulance stations, they are also in the same limit, around 100 requests reported on a daily basis. Some of the people also went to the health units with their own means, but the figures do not pose any problem in terms of providing medical assistance”, the Minister of Health told a press conference.

According to Rafila, the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) has developed a system for identifying and allocating a unique code for Ukrainian refugees. “CNAS has developed a system for identifying and assigning a unique code, based on passport data, date and place of birth of each person, a unique code that will be used to highlight the medical services performed for these people, so that they should benefit from the full range of services, including access to health programs, as patients in Romania“, the minister explained.

As for those injured in Ukraine, the Minister of Health says that “very few cases” have arrived in Romania, and the wounded are hospitalized in military hospitals.

Romania provides 3,300 hospital beds where injured Ukrainians can be treated if needed.

Minister Alexandru Rafila also announced that the number of Ukrainians who have so far requested to be tested or vaccinated against COVID-19 in our country is several hundred. Ukrainian refugees can be vaccinated or tested upon request.

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