How much are Romanians involved in the recycling process?

Almost three quarters of the Romanians (74pc) are recycling shopping bags, while 64% of them are part of the recycling process in a way or another, reveals an iSense Solutions survey.

The study shows that most of the Romanians are buying only the precise quantity of food they need (72pc) or donating the clothes, footwear or electronics they used (69pc), as a way to prove their responsibility to the environment.

Among the Romanians who are part of the recycling process, 97pc are doing it at home, 60pc at work. 75pc say they plan to recycle the next year.

What are the most recyclable materials? Plastic (91pc), paper (85pc), batteries (82pc), glass (7pc), bulbs (64pc), aluminum (61pc), oil (28pc) and garbage for compost (28pc), but also drugs (14pc).

As for the transportation, 49 per cent of the Romanians plan to replace the car or the public transportation vehicles with bicycles and walking when possible.

On age groups, less youngsters (under 35 years old) intend to buy products from companies which get involved in environment protection actions (39pc compared to 44pc in the total), while even less use to recycle (54pc compared to 64pc in the total) or plan to do it the next year (70pc compared to 75pc).

According to the iSense Solutions, 97pc of the Romanians consider that each of us should be responsible to protect the environment, 68pc say the state should do it and 56pc say it’s the private companies’ duty. 46pc claim this should be done by NGOs.

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