How much will spend Romanians for Christmas presents this year?

Romanians shopping online during winter holidays will spend about RON 570 for presents, reads a study conducted by GKI Digital for The intention is to allot approximately RON 96 for a single present.

Most of them (64 percent) will first offer presents to the family members, while one in two persons will also give presents to the close relatives. Almost a third of the online shoppers are also ready to give presents to their friends, while only 10 pc of the respondents will make presents to work colleagues or other acquaintances.

73 pc of the online customers are inspired for presents ideas while surfing on the net and 47 pc get ideas for presents from flyers and promotional catalogues. 75 pc are following the discounts of the online shops. The comparison shopping engines have increased by 70 pc in the ranking of Romanians’ information sources compared to last year.

The study also reveals that 87 pc of the respondents intend to buy their Christmas presents from online shops, and 57 pc will go to the mall for that. Traditional or specialized stores are the third option, but only 28 pc would rather go these locations for Christmas shopping.

Online shops are mostly sought for the products’ prices and according to the shop’s credibility and to the immediate access to the product.

Clothes, cosmetics and toys for children, as well as electronics are topping the preferences of the online shoppers.

According to another study made by ING, Romanians are the biggest spenders on Christmas presents in Europe. Romanians intend to spend 110 euros for Christmas presents, representing a third of their incomes, which rank them first in Europe on income reference. However, Brits are alloting the highest sum of money for Christmas shopping, 420 euros.

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