How To Get Twitter Followers: Expert Guide

Everyone today on Twitter wants to have more and more followers, but, very few about the ways to do so. If you want to skyrocket and take the number of Twitter followers to next level, then this expert guide is all that you need. Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the expert-recommended ways that can surely help you gain followers and achieve success on Twitter.

Here’s the guide on how to get Twitter followers:

1. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Before even your content and engagement strategies, it is your Twitter profile that comes into play to get followers. It is your Twitter profile based on which your target audience will decide whether to follow you or not. Your profile defines who you are and represents you everywhere on the platform. Your profile should be such that your potential followers get encouraged to follow you.

There are a few subtle steps that can help you make your Twitter profile interesting, friendly, and worth following. First and foremost, you can optimize your profile by including a clean profile photo. Whether it’s a facial photo or any logo, make sure it’s simple, clear, unobstructed, and most importantly, high-resolution. Secondly, you can include relevant tags, industry keywords, and location information. Thirdly, giving your audience a taste of your personality or human side proves to be very effective in gaining followers. To sum up, your profile should be “complete”.

As a bonus tip, if you’re just starting on Twitter or stuck with a limited number of followers, you can buy Twitter followers. Just make sure that you’re buying the service from a reputed, trusted, and legit place.

2. Tweet Often

The more you post tweets, the more your profile gets visible in front of the target audience. Posting tweets consistently and at regular intervals helps in encouraging audiences to follow your profile.

You can go for posting tweets from your followers, relevant industry news, buzzworthy statistics, personal updates, and much more. Publishing tweets frequently will help you get noticed by the algorithm and overall increase engagement on Twitter.

The takeaway from this point is that you must always ensure to fill up the feed of your followers with fresh content. Stay active, engaging, and worth following as much as possible.

3. Prioritize Visual Content 

It’s been observed that tweets with any form of visual content perform better than those without them. If you want to increase engagement on Twitter, this is a tip that you must always keep in mind. Just like engagements such as likes, shares, retweets, etc., visual content can also help you a lot in getting followers.

We would suggest you couple your Tweets with some sort of imagery. Well, the idea is simple. Images are more attractive and catchy than just solely text-based tweets. They can better grab the attention of serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your profile and follow you. Apart from images, you can also go for including visual content in your tweets like infographics, videos, GIFs, memes, etc.

4. Leverage The Power Of Hashtags

Hashtags play a very crucial role on Twitter more than on any other social media platform like TikTok or Instagram. Hashtags form the SEO for your Twitter account and it’s based on them your tweets will be searchable to your target audience.

Just like visual content, tweets that contain hashtags usually help better in gaining followers than those without them. Hashtags make it easy and quick for new followers to find your account. Plus, once they are on your account it takes a couple of seconds for them to follow you. Well, you can choose from a wide range of hashtags such as trending, niche-specific, topic-specific, and more. No matter which hashtags you choose make sure that they are relevant to your target audience.

5. Engage With Your Twitter Community 

Today, you can’t afford to let your Twitter look as if it’s run by a bot. One of the best ways you can ensure this is by engaging with your community on the platform. Be it your existing followers or target audience, you can engage with them via practices such as tagging, retweeting, replying, etc.

You need to make sure that you make the most out of your time on the platform. Keeping in touch with your community on the platform can help you immensely in getting followers in the long run.

6. Tweet At the Right Times

Last but not least, posting tweets when your target audience is sleeping and inactive won’t help you get new followers. You need to do a bit of research and analysis to find out the best times to post on the platform. These are the times when your target audience is highly active. For finding these times, you can have a look at your best-performing posts, look at your account analytics, or take the help of some online tools.


With this, we come to the end of our expert guide on ‘How to Get Twitter Followers’. Now, the knowledge part is over and it’s time for you to practically make use of this expert guide. All The Best!

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