Humanity has already consumed all the natural resources produced by the planet for 2023. How’s Romania standing?

Humanity has already consumed all the natural resources generated by the planet for the year 2023. Starting from August 2, all the energy we will use, everything we will eat, buy in stores or the trips we will make, will be on the account of future generations. Romania used up its resources even earlier, living on debt since June 11.

Qatar and Luxembourg (February 10 and 14) are by far the most wasteful countries. At the opposite pole are Jamaica, which has resources until December 20, Ecuador, with resources until December 6 and Indonesia, December 3. Moreover, the industry that consumes the most of the planet’s resources is the energy industry, according to the ENVIRON Association, a collective organization responsible for the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste.

“Earth Overshoot Day”, celebrated on August 2, marks the time in a year when human demand for natural resources and ecosystem services exceeds the Earth’s ability to regenerate them in the same year. Essentially, the Earth Overshoot Day represents the date when human consumption exceeds the resources that the Earth can produce in a year. “Earth Overshoot Day” does not have a fixed day and depends on how responsible we manage to be in the 12 calendar months. It is calculated by dividing the planet’s biocapacity (the amount of ecological resources the Earth is able to generate in that year) by humanity’s ecological footprint (humanity’s demand for that year) and multiplying by 365, the number of days in a year.

If humanity lived as the people of Qatar live, the Earth Overshoot Day would have been as early as February 10. In the top of wasteful countries is Luxembourg, which managed to consume all resources on February 14. The ranking is followed by Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, all three countries consuming the related renewable resources on March 13. Australia (March 23), Belgium (March 26), Denmark (March 28), Finland (March 31) complete the list of the most wasteful countries.

At the opposite pole are Jamaica (December 20), Ecuador (December 6), Indonesia (December 3), Cuba (November 25), Iraq (November 24), Guatemala (November 14), Egypt (November 11).

Our country is on the 30th place in this ranking. Romania has been living on debt since June 11.

“Every person living on this planet should be aware that any gesture, activity or behavior has an impact on the environment. Thus, they should think twice before making a choice and always opt for the option with the least impact on the environment, from reusing the shopping bag, to installing a water filter, giving up bottled water, to to moderate consumption, eliminating food waste, excess purchases, and even introducing the collection for recycling of all waste in the daily routine”, said Roxana Puia, marketing manager of the ENVIRON Association.

In the top of the states that exhaust resources the fastest are those that have a high degree of development, and the presence of countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait in the top is proof of the fact that the energy industry (the extraction of oil, coal and gas natural) is the industry that consumes the largest amount of resources on the planet. Other large consumers are intensive agriculture, the construction industry, the chemical and mining industries, which involve the extraction of metals, minerals and precious natural resources.

According to the organization Global Footprint Network, which calculates the Earth Overshoot Day based on algorithms since 2006, this indicator has grown continuously in the last 50 years: December 29, in 1970, November 4, in 1980, October 11, in 1990, September 23 , in 2000 and August 7, in 2010.

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