Hundreds stuck in the snow due to the strong blizzard. 29 national roads in Moldova closed

Alert for snow and blizzard in Moldova.

On Thursday, the National Meteorological Administration issued a Code Red warning of strong blizzard and heavy snow valid until 10:00 a.m. in localities in four counties of Moldova. In the areas of Botoşani, Suceava, Neamţ and Iași, strong blizzards will be reported, with gusts of 75…85 km/h, heavy snowfall, blizzard and trojanite snow, reduced visibility to zero. Warnings of immediate dangerous phenomena are issued for a maximum period of 6 hours.

​In Moldova, the snow layer has exceeded 50 cm, and in Iași it is 38 cm. Several counties there are under a code orange warning, and snow and blizzard conditions will continue throughout Thursday. The weather will warm up in the country, and on Saturday it will be 15 degrees in Muntenia, Oltenia and Dobrogea.

Affected areas: Botoșani, Suceava, Neamț, Iasi counties and the mountain area of ​​Maramureș, Bistrita Năsăud, Mureș counties In the counties of Botoșani, Suceava, Neamț, Iași and the mountain area of ​​the counties of Maramureș, Bistrita Năsăud and Mureș, it will continue to snow blizzard, visibility will be reduced and a new thick layer of snow will be deposited. The wind will intensify with speeds of 55…65 km/h. Locally, more than 20 l/m2 will accumulate.

More than 400 people stuck in snow with their cars on the national and county roads in Botoşani were rescued by the military and volunteer firefighters, and the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Dispatch received 751 emergency calls from citizens requesting support, the Inspectorate informs on Thursday morning County Commissioner for Emergency Situations.

According to the cited source, 424 people from 207 vehicles stuck in snow on national and county roads were rescued by military and volunteer firefighters, from the first manifestations of the Orange Code of heavy snow and blizzard, until Thursday morning, at 05:00. “72 people were temporarily sheltered at Mihălăşeni Town Hall, Unţeni Town Hall, Ungureni Cultural Home, Ştefăneşti Day Center, Călăraşi Town Hall, at the residence of the Head of SVSU Călăraşi, Vlădeni Town Hall, Truşeşti Town Hall, Dersca Town Hall, Tudora Town Hall and SDN Manoleasa District ”.

At the same time, the firefighters intervened to clear 30 trees that gave way due to the weight of the snow and fell on top of cars, but also on the road, in Botoşani municipality.

Seven people from the localities of Adăşeni, Liveni, Drăgushei, Săveni, Gulioaia and Ungureni, who needed dialysis, arrived at the specialized center with the help of firefighters. In the last hours, the efforts of firefighters, soldiers from UM 011 89, border police and road workers were focused on the rescue missions of people who were left with snow-covered vehicles on the road that connects Botoşani with Suceava. 71 people have already been transported by firefighters and border policemen in Botoşani municipality. The mission continues at this time, ISU announces.

29 national roads closed

29 national roads in Neamț, Suceava, Bacău, Iaşi, Botoşani and Vaslui are closed, completely or in sections, due to the weather. The wind that blows the snow and the snow already deposited makes snow removal efforts impossible. Moreover, in Botoșani and Iași, which have been under red code since yesterday, traffic is prohibited on all roads: national, county and municipal. And the children don’t go to school today.


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