In 2021, the fewest children in the last hundred years were born in Romania

Less than 180,000 children were born last year, according to an announcement made Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics. In 2020, just over 200,000 children were born, but that number was also a record of recent years, a record that was broken by births in 2021.

“The 1961 generation was the last to provide a replacement. All the other generations have the final offspring below the replacement level”, Professor Vasile Ghețău explained. Society is changing and not only in Romania. According to Eurostat data, the changes in the last 60 years are dramatic in this respect. And these changes come amid an unprecedented demographic decline.

Interestingly, the INS data reveal that the number of children born outside marriages in the Romanian countryside in the past years is higher than in the city. The number of children born in the countryside outside marriage is higher than 50% in several poor countries in Romania: Călărași, Ialomița, Teleorman or Mureș.

Over 70% of the couples questioned in our country say they do not want children for various reasons, with the most important being the financial situation or the incertitude of the workplace.

Starting with 1992 we witness an increase of the number of births outside marriage, from 15% in 1992 to over 31% in 2020. Paradoxically, this phenomenon is particularly visible in the countryside, which otherwise is the promoter of the traditional family. Most part of the children born outside marriages come from mothers younger than 25 years old (around 60.2%),” INS researchers say.

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