INSCOP survey: Romania is heading in wrong direction, corruption is of concern

Most Romanians believe the country is heading in a wrong direction (74.4%) and half say Europe is heading in a good direction (54.7%), an INSCOP research national survey reveals on Thursday.

18.5% say the country is heading in a good direction and 30.6% say Europe is heading in a wrong direction, reports.

Referring to the country’s economic situation, 76% believe it is bad of very bad, 78.3% say the education system is bad and 83% have the same opinion about the health system

51.8% of respondents say their family’s financial situation is good or very good, 40.7% say the situation is bad and 3.2% say it is very bad.

Some 51% say Romania’s security is good or very good and 28% say it is bad of very bad.

The top of concerns include the level of corruption (84.2%), the gap between the rich and the poor (73.7%), environment degradation (72.2%), national economy (70.6%) and the risk of an armed conflict in the region (44%).

In terms of confidence in institutions, the survey reveals that on the first position is the Army (67.9% have high confidence and very much confidence), followed by the Church (56.8%), Romanian Academy (45.5%) and Police (41.6%). Furthermore, 41.2% have very much confidence and much confidence in the Presidency.

Confidence in other institutions: Press – 27.3%, Constitutional Court – 22.7%, the Government – 12.4%, political parties – 9.0%, the Parliament – 9.8%.

Confidence in international institutions: NATO – 56.1%, European Union – 55.3% and the UN – 52.5%, the INSCOP survey reads.

The survey was conducted during April 12 – May 3, 2019, the release reads.

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