Inspired by Prince Charles, a young man from Salaj produces medicinal milk

A young man from Salaj gave up his city life and began to produce medicinal milk.

Viorel Ghiuru?an has currently 400 goats that feed upon the mountains and meadows where medicinal plants grow; therefore the milk is full of special properties.

Ghiurutan began to produce medicinal milk being inspired by Prince Charles of Great Britain whom he heard talking about Romania’s natural meadows, unique in Europe, where medicinal plants grow naturally.
The goat breeder is not interested in the industrialization and believes the milk can be obtained only manually and on a certain period of the year, when the meadows are green.

“It is not the same to drink milk from animal briquettes with milking machines. The quality of the product will be given by the food the animal eats. Goats will process the food they graze, therefore milk will taste that way. Moreover, medicinal plant like thistle is used for antibiotic. The animal eats it and processes what he eats, so we find a small part of it in the milk. Therefore a natural antibiotic is coming, explained Viorel Ghiurutan.

For the time being we can’t find the product on the shelves but is highly appreciated in Austria and Italy.

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