Interpol Costa Rica chief says the moments of Alina Bica and Elena Udrea’s arrests were strategically chosen

Interpol Costa Rica chief, Gustavo Chinchilla says the arrests of former DIICOT chief, Alina Bica and of former Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea, were conducted upon the decision made by a judge, and the time of remanding them was strategically chosen.

He said that Interpol works each case and the arrest was made in the moment considered as best chosen, reports.

“During an audience, Anina Bica came to my office, accompanied by her legal advisers. She told us about the place they were accommodated, then I discussed with her lawyers, not with her,” Chinchilla said.

The Interpol chief said he had offered the two women the chance to go to the San Jose Court, however, Bica and Udrea have always delayed.

“Now, we are working on two different files, one for Mrs. Alina Bica and one for Mrs. Elena Udrea, with whom I’ve had no contact, not even with lawyers. I’ve told them the best thing to do was to go to the San Jose Court. The lawyer told me he would discuss with Alina Bica and make a decision, however the Police procedure will not be put on stand-by.  They have requests as refugees, these are the rights they can request for. This does not mean that the police procedure doesn’t go on. In our office we try to find the best ways, and in the case of the two ladies we believe that was the best moment to operate the arrests. In our legal system, they have the right to file several appeals, they can also request the change of legal classification,” Gustavo Chinchilla said, quoted by

file photo: Alina Bica and Elena Udrea in Costa Rica


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